Thursday, 29 November 2018



This is how Guy Fawkes' Poem starts...

This month we have celebrated Guy Fawkes Day in Year 5A and 5B.
Charity Players came to act out a little play about Guy Fawkes. 
It was fun!!

Ask your kids in year 5 about who was Guy Fawkes!

Have a look at the videos and photographs!!
 guy fawkes day poem

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

P-5 Understanding the World - Sink or float experiment

Today we have run an experiment to discover whether coins and bottle caps sink or float.
First we had to think of what we thought was going to happen when we put them in the water basin. Then we ran the experiment and observed what actually happened.
We were surprised when we got a "great" stamp on our worksheet, no matter what we had thought was going to happen. This is because we are becoming critical thinkers and our thoughts are more than welcome! ... and Happy Valentine's day!!!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

4th A - Art - Still life fruit bowl

We have learnt what a still life is and we have depicted a fruit bowl to link with what we are learning in science: healthy habits.

Carnival 2018 - XXth British Project Anniversary

We finally went on the carnival parade today! We loved dancing in the street and wearing our costumes. This year they were inspired by British films and books, since we are celebrating the XXth British Project anniversary. P3, P4 & P5 children were wearing costumes inspired by Peter Pan film. 1st and 2nd grade children were wearing costumes inspired by the Beetles. 3rd and 4th grade children were wearing costumes inspired by Queen and 5th and 6th grade students were wearing costumes inspired by Harry Potter's books. We've had a great time!

P-5 English - Driving on down to grandpa's farm

We are learning about different means of transport. Today we sang the song DRIVING ON DOWN TO GRANDPA'S FARM, holding our steering wheels, because we were driving our cars! Driving on down to grandpa's farm x3 What sounds will we hear? We have also reviewed the different animals we learnt in term 1. By guessing the name of the animal's sound. Then we coloured a car while we were listening and or singing the song. We counted how many windows and wheels the car had. We also practised saying "I'm done" and "I'm finished". Meanwhile, Magdi was getting us ready for the carnival parade.

Monday, 12 February 2018

6th grade - English - Question tags practice

4th A - Art - Arcimboldo

Today we have learnt about Italian painter, Arcimboldo. We are going to create a still life vegetables collage portrait. Blanca has brought a sunset she painted at home and she has explained to us what she had drawn.